What is a Language?

Define: Language is a mid to communicate with each other, exchange our ideas, feelings and thoughts. it is a communication point of view.

language is a two way process in which communication happen between sender and recover by two steps i.e massage and mid. with the help of this two step our feelings, thoughts and ideas can exchange.

Purpose of language:

1. Language is essential for expression of ideas. this is a system of communication. it is a type of sound.

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2. language is defined as a method of communication in form of written or oral speak by human. language is a major way that only know to human beings. 
3. It is a consisting of use of words in a conventional way. It is a verbal physical system. It use to speak out.

4. It is a method of communication in which expression and thoughts can inter change. with help of language.


Learning a language is not a automatic process it is not as easy as walking and eating. It need perfect way, method and techniques to learn a language and speak out fluently. language is most important part of our life. Live without language is so difficult. language is a part of our life. As we say that language is like an oxygen that we take to breath. therefore language is only learnt by imitation and practice. Each language has its own unique system and facts. 
Everyone is capable for learning a language. Only human beings are have god gift of language. Everyone can learn a language easily if he/she get right environment for learning it. A language has its own system and process to speak and write it has some phonology and grammatical system in all kinds of language.Every language has its own symbol, sings and system yo learn. 

Language is a part of our life. Without language we can’t live it is to important for living. every language has its unique system to learn, to speak. Therefore to learn a new language there are grammar and some methods to learn a language. Language is mid that present the whole country, there culture, peoples and there derives to show them in proper way. To describe the country language is prefect source. Language is a perfect way to present us in front of society.


Language is formed in ancient time. firstly language is discover in India with panini by BC germination which is formulated as Sanskrit language as 3,959 in 5th century Sanskrit morphology is formed. Then french started to develop language in 17th century AD, Port-Royal Germination was developed the idea of grammar to get easy to learn every new language.The basics thought of language to became it universal. Therefore that grammar was universal. After this in 18th century British used comparative method to to learn language first on ancient India by William Jones.
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