How To Become Computer Expert

How to Become A Computer Expert or Master in Computer or Computer Technician or what is Computer?

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How To Become Computer Expert

How To Become Computer Expert

Now days, everybody specially, youngster or new generation take in more Interest the field of Computer. Because, Revolution came through Computer and create Digital world. Hence, everything done through Computer. To become Computer Expert, don’t need do more effort. Because, to today not hard to learn about anything specially Computer. we got information from books, on internet or you also take knowledge from Institute, or other academics. Still we give information in to becoming a Computer expert.

When we talked about Computer expert, this is not a small thing or it’s not only single field i.e. computer.Because Computer era, many more option available like, Hardware, software, Internet, Networking and there is lot of thing is in itself. It’s very hard to learn about, understand. But, we give straight & simple information for becoming a Computer Expert.

Just know below and increase your understanding or interest without extra effort. Abletricks.Com give you general idea of basic of computer and you will achieve more in field of Computer.


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What is Computer? 

  • Computer, is electronics Machines or device, that can be used for performing task as per given instruction by user like, perform calculation, storing data.
  • It combination of of Hardware, software and that perform task provided by User.
  • Computer has two important parts: Hardware & Software.
  • Combination of Hardware and Software we also Computer.



But, we try to learn about first and basic part i.e. Hardware. Hardware is basic & important part of the computer without Hardware, computer is not anything or we can’t imagine of computer without it. “Hardware is physical, tangible parts or components of a computer”.

In Hardware includes Processor, Mother board, monitor, RAM, ROM. we give quick overview on important part of this.


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Processors: A processor, or “microprocessor, is a small chip that resides in computers and other electronic devices. Its basic job is to receive input and provide the appropriate output.


Mother board: A motherboard is one of the most essential parts of a computer system. includes the following attached to a fixed planar surface:

  • Input/output ports 
  • PCI expansion slots 
  • processing unit (CPU) and optional co processors 
  • Supporting chip-set for CPU, bus and external components 
  • BIOS 
  • Memory sockets for RAM, ROM and cache 
  • Interconnecting circuitry



Random access memory (RAM) is a type of data storage. This volatile and all information that was stored in RAM is lost when the computer is turned off.
ROM (read-only memory) is non-volatile and holds data permanently when the power is turned off.

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Software is special type of program(Combination of Design i.e.User Interface like button, text perform task and Coding i.e actual logic behind User Interface) that computer perform all it’s functionality.

We already told, in definition of Computer, Computer perform of its functionality as per given by user, this done through or possible due to only, Software. It’ mean that. Computer perform all task like, calculation, storing data etc.


In Software includes some basic parts of Software. i.e Operating Systems

  1. Operating System: An operating system (OS) in its most general sense, is software that allows a user to run other applications on a computing device…. The operating system manages a computer’s hardware resources, including: Input devices such as a keyboard and mouse.
  2. DOS (Disk Operating System): an operating system that runs from a hard disk drive. The term can also refer to a particular family of disk operating systems, most commonly MS-DOS.


Some basic difference between Hardware & Software

  • Hardware is Tangible and Software is nor tangible. 
  • Give input through Hardware and Software produce Output.


A computer network is a set of computers connected together for the purpose of sharing resources. The most common resource shared today is connection to the Internet. Other shared resources can include a printer or a file server. The Internet itself can be considered a computer network.

Following is the list of hardware’s required to set up a computer network. Network Cables 

  • Distributors
  • Routers
  • Internal Network Cards
  • External Network Cards

This are the important aspect of the Computer. Without this we can’t imagine Computer word or Computer come into reality or can’t into world. Hence try to take more knowledge.


Other important way to come an Computer Expert

  • If you feel apprehensive, ask someone who knows more about computers to walk you through the process. 
  • Never open a computer unless the machine is on a sturdy surface and you are properly grounded. 
  • Try opening the same program on different computers and notice differences in speed. 
  • Everything inside of your computer is connected to the motherboard, including the CPU, which acts as the computer’s “brain.” 
  • RAM stores data that’s currently in use. Become familiar with how it works with and connects to the motherboard. 
  • Peripheral cards add functions to the computer. Learn about sound, networking, and video cards. 
  • Storage and disk drives are places to store data. Research hard drives, CD/DVD-ROM drives, and removable media like USB flash drives and SD cards.

I have given you my best tips for How To Become Computers Expert, and eventually, maybe even becoming an expert! I hope these have helped and keep tearing apart those computers!

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